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Long live the beaujolais nouveau and Happy Thanksgiving ! 17/11/2022

Here they come…

Who? What?

The Bojo Novo! (meaning Beaujolais Nouveau). We have two wines from the Domaine Pierre Marie Chermette to offer you this year.

- Les Griottes, a supple wine, full of freshness with a tangy side of red fruits.

- Origine - Vieilles vignes, a perfect wine to reconcile those disappointed by the primeur: complexity and substance, floral aromas, blackberry and a touch of roasted chocolate.

On sale today at the shop !



This Saturday afternoon, we will be tasting a few bottles to accompany stuffed turkeys and other comfort foods for the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

An American Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Bogle Vineyard and a Mexican Zinfandel from La Cetto.

We wish you a good weekend (yes, because after Bojo comes Thanksgiving, so it can't be a bad weekend)




Your devoted Mig’s Team.