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THANK YOU LUCY ! 26/05/2021

At Mig's, it seems as if Lucy has been with us forever. While she hasn't been around for over 3 millions years like her homonymous australopithecus, she's been by my side for 17 years.

During all these years, Lucy has taken care of our suppliers, customers and Mig's team mates as if this shop was her own.

She's been a fabulous team player and if she's been a little « bossy » sometimes, well, it was when we deserved to be kept in check ;) !

Lucy is leaving us now and we'll sorely miss her.

It's impossible to say in words all the gratitude I have for the full involvement Lucy has put in Mig's World Wines so on behalf of myself and the Mig's team, I just say THANK YOU Lucy  and wish you all the best for a future under a diamond studded sky.