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4. 4. U. + Bin-Ends again! 17/02/2014

A great idea for a special birthday, anniversary or any celebration of a specific date: a nice wine or spirit of that same vintage. Of course, this year we’ll be focusing on the vintages ending with a 4. Two of the best products for older vintages are Armagnac and Madeira of which we have quite a few. But we also stock older vintages of other wines & spirits. To check this out, just click on the top of the year column in our list of wines: an easy way to find any vintage you’re looking for. As for the spirits’ list, you’ll need to type in your vintage in the search box. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know and with a little extra time, we’ll do our very best to find what our suppliers have on hand –oldies but goldies!

Again: another bin-end tasting this Saturday. “Cheap & cheerful” red, white and rosé + a classic smoky, green peppery South African cab and a fabulously elegant (and at great value!) Aussie pinot noir.

See you Saturday! Cheers!