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BELGIAN OWL 55 30/10/2018

Once upon a time (6 years ago), Etienne Bouillon -owner of the Belgian Owl Distillery- was offered the opportunity to purchase two pot stills from the defunct Capperdonich Distillery in Scotland.

To finance this important investment, he put up the first 200 barrels of his future production for pre-purchase. Mig’s was one of the participating “Angels”.

After 5 years of ageing in his barrel, Mig’s has decided to bottle this great Belgian whisky. The bottles are now available at the shop. You can pop in anytime and have a sip.

More good news: we’re still celebrating Mig’s 20 years @ Chaussée de Charleroi and we offer a 20% discount on this Belgian whisky. The price is down from 69.00€ to …55.00€!

Don’t miss out! See you soon!