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Father's Day @ Mig's! 04/06/2012

This Saturday 10th of June is Fathers’ Day. @ Mig’s you can choose a great gift from almost 700 different wines, about 250 spirits, a selection of around 40 beers and many wine accessories (Screwpull & Pulltex corkscrews, decanters, glasses…etc. ).

Exceptionally there won’t be any wine tasting on Saturday as we’ll be too busy wrapping gifts for the Dads! However, we have many bottles open of our quality spirits that you can taste to help you choose.

Speaking of which, our list of spirits is now online, as well as our choice of beers. Check them out!

Not (yet?) online is our selection of top “prestige” wines, old vintages, some one-shots and our wine accessories. So pop in the shop to see our whole range of products!

Cheers! See you soon!