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Focus on Belgium 19/06/2020

Belgian wines have always been on the front scene at Mig’s. Our selection is ever growing with hidden treasures from the North and the South.

From the Domaine du Chapitre, in the Nivelles region, we now stock:

  • the award-winning 2018 Chardonnay (silver medal at the World Chardonnay 2020 Contest, ample, with toasty flavors and a touch of vanilla).
  • the 2018 Cuvée Brabançonne (Solaris + Johanniter, oak-aged, round and fruity)
  • the 2018 Cabaret Noir (black cherry aromas, juniper, lightly spicy)

From the Ypres region, we appreciated the crisp & summery style of the Entre-Deux-Monts Pinot Noir. This vineyard also proposes two bubblies that we highly recommend: the Wiscoutre Brut (crisp & straight-forward) and the Bacquaert Brut (rich and elegant).

We are unfortunately out of stock of the Ruffus… but more stock is expected in November! You can reserve stock by sending us an email.

This way to our selection of Belgian wines http://www.migsworldwines.be/en/wines/belgique