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For…Mig…able ! 03/01/2014

Thanks to my numerous suppliers: whether you supplied toilet paper or Dom Pé, “vous avez été for…Mig…ables” !

Thanks to the 300 enthusiast participants to our Laugh & Learn evenings: “vous avez été for…Mig…ables” !

Enormous thanks to my loyal staff – Lucy, Xavier and Christian. Without you, Mig’s wouldn’t be what it now is: “vous avez été for…Mig…ables” !

Thanks to the numerous people who have assisted this team : Aymeric, Birgitt, Laurence, Spyro, Didier, Ray, Patrick & Marjorie, my wife Véronique and my daughters Coline & Chloé, and I’m sure I forget some : “vous avez été for…Mig…ables” !

But mostly, all my thanks to you, my clients.

You have appreciated a selection of :

                                                    more  than 800 wines

                                                    more   than 400 spirits

                                                    more   than 50 beers

                                                    more than 80 accessories

You have asked for more than 2300 invoices (…)

More than 300 people liked us on our Facebook page

You have been +/- 200 to buy online                    

You were 2159 to read our newsletter

You were around 2500 to trust us for your Christmas shopping

But most of all: « vous avez été for…Mig…ables » !

Thanks again, without you, nothing of what is mentioned here above would have been possible.

May 2014 be for you all even more … « for…Mig…able » !

Cheers !