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Good Beer & Whisky News 28/01/2016

Great news for Brussels-beer lovers: Mig’s has received a small and hard-to-get stock from Cantillon! We now have the usual Kriek & Gueuze (large bottles), the Grand Cru Bruoscella and the two “grapey” beers: Saint-Lamvinus (made with merlot grapes) and La Vigneronne (made with white grapes).

Good news doesn’t come alone: now we also have a beer from the new Brussels brewery “En Stoemelings”, the “Curieuse Neus”. And there will be more to come. This means that Mig’s now carries beers from all four Brussels breweries!

Now, great news for whisky lovers: we’ve added two new Laugh & Learn nights. Re-peat (ha! ha!) & WWW (world-wide whiskies – ha! ha! ha!). Be quick to book, first in first served.

And of course we’ll run a little wine tasting this Saturday…but we don’t know yet what it’ll be! Surprise!