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Gouden Carolus 04/04/2019

There is more than Belgian Owl on the Belgian Whisky scene!


Gouden Carolus is another great Single Malt from Belgium. It’s produced in Mechelen at distillery De Molenberg, which is a part of Het Anker, also very known for their beers (Carolus).

Produced with the same malt as the Gouden Carolus Tripel beer, distilled in copper pot still and aged in ex-bourbon barrels, this whisky is rich and creamy with lovely notes of vanilla, fruit and crème brulée.

Come and taste them this Saturday, together with 2 of their limited editions : the “Victor” 5 year old, and the special finishing “Muscad’Or”, finished in barrels that previously contained sweet Muscat-Beaume-de-Venise wine.