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Owls have flown back in @ Mig’s ! 19/11/2015

Not one but 2 different fine Belgian whiskies:

Belgian Owl 36 months                                                                       54.00€

Belgian Owl 36 months ex Glendronach single cask (special edition)      56.00€

As usual, they come in very limited quantities.

Want one?  (yes, you’re limited to 1 bottle per customer, sorry), send us a mail or call us on 02/534.77.03.

First come, first served!

Note that we also have 2 other Belgian whiskies in store :

Filliers Goldys 12 years Distillers range Amontillado Finish                    47.00€

Stokerij De Molenberg  Gouden Carolus Single Malt 50 cl                      41.00€

Stokerij De Molenberg  Gouden Carolus Single Malt 20 cl                      18.00€

You can pop in to taste them and stock is not as limited as the Owl.

See you @ Mig’s