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What’s new @ Mig’s ? 31/08/2015

  1. New Belgian Wines.

We already have quite a selection @ Mig’s but we’re always keen to get new Belgian wines in store. We’ll stock Château de Bioul as from next week and a new bottling from Domaine de Mellemont will be available shortly.

  1. Spirits Tastings.

We’ve already had spirits tastings before but we’ll be doing more & more. Take note of these upcoming dates:

Saturday 12th September: cocktails from Diageo by Yves Debruyne

Saturday 27th September: Belgian spirits from the Distillerie de Biercée

More dates later, stay tuned.

  1. New vintages to be tasted this Saturday.

Some “usual suspects” have changed vintages lately. Are they as good or even better than before? Or…? Decide for yourself this Saturday.

See you! Cheers!