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Latest news from the front!:
First of all we'd like to welcome our new recruit: Xavier, apart from his oenology classes and activities as journalist will be helping us at Mig's. Welcome aboard, Xavier, we certainly need your help!
It seems that rosé wine is "the" new most trendy wine to drink, and Mig's has more and more quality rosés to offer.
Apart from the usual suspects, we have a new malbec rosé from Argentina (Learning to Fly), an Australian rosé (the excellent Boomerang Bay) and the super fun Nova "Tickled Pink": a fruity and slighty sparkling rosé, a very "girlie" rosé!
You'll be able to taste them all on Saturday as well as a new cheap and cheerful red from Spain.
And don't forget, Mig's never closes during summer vacation so we'll be happy to welcome you as always.
Have a nice vacation and if you're not leaving, come at Mig's and travel through the wonderful world of wines!


This Saturday's tasting: new wines from Lebanon & Argentina.
Despite the fact that the country is suffering a terrible fate, Lebanon is bringing us more and more quality wines. To be tasted this week-end: 2 delicious wines from Massaya (a white and a red).
From Argentina: a new cabernet sauvignon from Santa Ana. Despite its low price (just over 10.00 €), it's a complex and tasty cab and comes wonderfully packed in smart wooden boxes of 6 bottles. A great gift idea as well as a great wine.

C. U. Sat! Cheers!


Fathers' Day
As usual, lots of ideas for gifts!
Wine accessories: two new carafes, one with a handle, the other looks like a spinning whirl! Special "Daddy" price all of this week, respectively 12.00 and 15.00 €.
Below 10.00 €, a superb Priorat
Between 10.00 and 15.00 €, Amplus, a great chilean cab
Between 15.00 and 20.00 €, check out the new wines from D'Arenberg (Australia), especially their GSM (Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvèdre)
Above 20.00 €, a top pinor noir from Italy, the Zinzèle from Longariva and a top Shiraz from "down under", the Brothers in Arms.
Finally, only as a "one-shot", magnums of matured Aussie red wine, the Hollick cab/merlot 1997 at 34.50 €.
Spirits: all kinds of nice things such as the Belgian Chocolate Liqueur from the Distillerie de Biercée, Old Rum from Clément in Martinique, Tomatin's 12year old whisky... You'll also have a chance to taste the Verveine Velay from Pagès.
See you soon! Cheers!


You got Georgia on your mind? Well, how about tasting Georgian wines this Saturday 2 June?! No, not Georgia USA, Georgia as in ...Russia? As you all probably know, the vines historically come from Georgia. So, come taste their local grape varieties here at Mig's from 11am to 7pm!
See you. Cheers!


This Saturday May 26, more "classics" from Mig's to be tasted:

From Australia: Protégé White, a nice blend of sémillon, sauvignon and verdelho, summer food-friendly.
From Mexico: LA Cetto is back! A spicy petite syrah that some of our customers have been eargerly waiting for! Will go well with your BBQs and any red meat.
From Italy: MODA, a montepulciano d'Abruzzo from southern Italy, smooth and mouth filling.
From Argentina: Candela Syrah, another full-bodied red! The comparison between those three reds should be quite interesting. So, see you Saturday!


This Saturday, retaste a few "classics" with François Dussart and discover our new Châteauneuf du Pape.

On tasting:

From Australia: Thomas Michell Chardonnay & our top rosé: Capel Vale "Duck" Shiraz
From Chili: Casa Donoso "Clos Centenaire"
From France: A great new Châteauneuf du Pape: Domaine La Barroche reserve 2004


This Saturday 12th of May, new wines to taste.
First, a new and fun concept: the Learning to Fly wines - their red and rosé come from Argentina (malbecs both of them) and their white is a sauvignon blanc from Chile!
And our latest great discovery: a Priorat for less than 10.00 €! We strongly recommend you don't miss out on this wondefully juicy and soft Sol i Terra!

Lucy will be away on a 'tasting mission" during all of next week: Miguel will not be alone, he has the great pleasure of introducing the Famous François Dussart at Mig's! François will be happy to take care of the wine tastings for the next two Saturdays! Welcome François!


This Saturday 5th of May: a top wine tasting and one-shot affordable decanters for sale!
Tasting: for a change from New Zealand’s wonderful sauvignon blancs, why not try one of the top ones from the USA?: Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc. From there we’ll move on to one of the most impressive Argentinean wines the Achaval Ferrer Quimera 2001. Don’t miss out on this extremely refined and elegant wine, quantities are limited.
And for these warm and sunny days, let’s have a cheap and cheerful, light and easy-drinking rosé : Côtes du Vivarais.
Decanters: a one-shot stock of cheap decanters (under 20.00 €). Two models: one is slanted with a handle, the other looks like a real whirl that you can spin around on the table. They’re a lot of fun!



The Bret Brothers are passionate and fascinating people. If you ever travel in the region of Mâcon, do go and pay them a visit. You will discover a splendid vineyard and men whose talent is reflected in their superb terroir wines. And if you can't make it to Burgundy, take a look at their website: wwwbretbrotherscom. As a tribute to them, this Saturday 28 April we shall taste their Domaine La Soufrandière Pouilly-Vinzelles.
We'll also taste another chardonnay, this one from New Zealand:Lawson's Dry Hills unoaked chardonnay.
And two red wines, one from Sicily, the other from South Africa:
Firriato Etna Rosso and Oude Kaap cabernet/merlot.
See you on Saturday!

Last week, we were telling you about Art Brussels. In the same line of thinking, this week we recommend another of our partners, Puls Galerie. Specialised in contemporary ceramics, Annette presents until the 2nd of June art works from Tora Urup and Thomas Bohle. Place du Châtelain, 4 at 1050 Bruxelles, open from Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 6 pm. Website: www.pulsceramics.com.


This Saturday 21 April's tasting:
Valderroa Mencia 2006
Valderroa Mencia Carballo 2003

They just came in and are almost already sold out! However, we still have a case of each for you to taste before we stock the next vintage!
Tsar Assen Mavrud: to rediscover. Our importer has seriously lowered his prices! Take advantage of it!
Groot Eiland Shiraz: a nice fun new wine from South Africa at a good price.

Also to discover this week-end: Art Brussels, a contemporary art exhibit at the Heysel. Mig's collaborates with a number of galleries and particularly recommends this exhibit.
To pin down: Aeroplastics (www.aeroplastics.net) and Frederic Desimpel (www.galeriedesimpel.be). You'll find names of other interesting galleries on our link dedicated to artists.


This saturday 14 th April : More new wines:

From France: Plaisance V.D.P. white

From Argentina: Cristobal 1492 Verdelho from Mendoza

From Bulgaria: Santa Illa Pinot noir

From South Africa: Clos Malverne Pinotage de Stellenbosch


More Aus (but not morose!): 4 new wines from Tulloch Winery to discover this Saturday 7 April. At last Mig's has wines from the Hunter Valley to offer! To taste: their verdelho, sémillon, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz.

Our good friend Claudio is leaving Belgium and is selling his almost new car at a bargain price: Renault Scenic special series "Mer du Nord" 1.9. DCI, metallic grey, equipped with a panoramic roof, a parking proximity rear sensor and a Bluetooth hands free kit. Dated February 2006, it shows only 19.900 km on the meter. He paid 24.000 € for it when new and is selling it for only 16.900 €! Interested? Contact Claudio on claudiobxl@gmail.com.

Here's a tip for a nice break: a cute hotel in De haan, allegedly Belgium's nicest village by the sea: the well-named Au Bon Accueil. Cheap and cheerful, recently and discreetly renovated, it offers a nice varied breakfast. It's a great place to unwind. My suggestions: a stroll around the charming villas of the small town, then an invigorating walk by the sea side towards Ostend. Stop at Bredene's 'Turkeyen' beach and enjoy a well-deserved drink at the nicely located Surfers' Bar. Take the tram home. It's best when the tide is low and during the afternoon so as to have the sun in your face! Ah, the nice fresh air!


This Saturday March 31st come taste a few of our new wines!
A nice crisp white from Portugal -Quinta dos Grilos-, a very tasty garnacha from Spain (Zeta, not to be confused with the Zuccardi Zeta!) and two new Zinfandels from California: the Dancing Bull and Heritage Vines from Rancho Zabaco.

Preview: on Easter week-end, we'll have the new range of wines from Tulloch Winery, Hunter Valley, Australia - a verdelho, a sémillon, a cabernet sauvignon and a shiraz.

Another news item: 3 wine racks are for sale at the shop, two of them are for 50 bottles, and one is a double rack for 100 bottles. Prices are: 20.00 € for the smaller ones and 40.00 € for the big one.



This week: Third Australian Film Festival.
From 19 to 23 March at L'Espace Senghor (Chaussée de Wavre 366 - Walkway at Jourdan Square). For details on the programme, pick up a flyer @ Mig's!

Australian Food & Wine Tasting: "Fair Dinkum Aussie" Andrew from Australian Fine Wines will be hosting not only a "Down Under" wine tasting but will be showcasing the new Outback range of products. Jams, conserves, sauces, spices ..etc. So get your taste buds ready and let's eat, drink and be merry! This Saturday 24th of March from 11am to 7pm, free as usual.



Up from South Africa: Nora Sperling from Delheim @ Mig's this Saturday!
More and more often Mig's is proud to have distinguished guests to host our weekly wine tasting. This time it's Nora Sperling from Delheim (Stellenbosch, South Africa) who will be pouring from behind the counter. Delheim wines are "classic" South African-style wines, not too overly New World fruit-driven, with a more "European" structure, yet with typical South African flavours. We'll be tasting a crisp clean-cut sauvignon blanc, a smoky spicy shiraz, and last but not least the top end Grand Reserve, a beautifully well-balanced "Bordeaux-blend". There's no one better than Nora to talk about her family's wines so don't miss her: this Saturday 17th of March from 11am to 7pm.