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A message from Miguel 03/04/2020

Dear friends,

First of all, as always, my thoughts go to those of you who are suffering  in one way or another from the coronavirus. I wish you the best.

In the weeks to come, we will all be needing each others’ help (as always throughout our lives). I would like our newsletters to be in a ‘solidarity mode’; as a die-hard fan of the Beatles, I name them (by trafficking a little) ’With a little help FOR my friends’ et ‘With a little help FROM OUR friends’.

Let’s start with FROM. A warm thank you to you, our clients, who continue to call on us through our online sales; it helps a lot. And for those of you who are put off by websites, send us your order by email: a delivery note from us, a bank transfer from you, and Bob’s your uncle. If you need advice, just send an email with your wishes & phone number, I will make a selection for you.

Now: FOR. Let’s start with my daughters:

  • The elder, Coline is a trained pastry chef and works for  Cokoa. Go check it out for a good selection of comfort food http://www.cokoa.be
  • The younger, Chloé, is an illustrator and is very active in the Street Art circles. Click on these links for a bit of art in these brutal times: 



I’ll continue with a very old friend of mine from even before the opening of Mig’s (almost 30 years ago!): Eric Boschman https://ericboschman.be. Deprived of the stage, he’s active on Facebook & Instagram. Follow him.

And I’ll finish by recommending Les Filles’ creativity: http://www.lesfilles.be. Support them.

Thank you.

Hang in there and take care of yourselves.