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Wines from Portugal & Madeira @ Mig's! 04/10/2010

WOW ! A real firework of press coverage on wines from our shop in the French speaking Belgian press last week! Eric Boschman liked four of our nice bubblies: the Cuvée Ruffus from the Domaine des Agaises (unfortunately sold out !), the Brut rosé from Edoardo Miroglio, the Casa Valduga and the Cava l'Hereu - in an article on said bubblies in the Gaël supplement for men. The same Eric also particularly liked the Yankee Wild Boy chardonnay in "Moustique".
Then there's the final flourish with another selection of three of our US wines in the "Victoire" supplement of Le Soir where Bernard Dubrulle found good pairings for... pop-corn!: the Columbia Crest Two Vines sauvignon blanc, Columbia Crest Grand Estates chardonnay and the Electra Orange Muscat. Let's say we are quite proud that such good palates put forward wines from Mig's!
This Saturday we'll be welcoming THE specialist of Portuguese wines in Belgium: Kris Jeuris. Kris will showcase a couple of white wines, a couple of "experimental" reds - Ensaios (try out) from Filipa Pato, Esboço (sketch) from the Kolheita de Ideias- and most of all, will lead us through a (re)discovery of the world of one of the great classics in the wine world, unfortunately not appreciated enough in our country: the wines from Madeira.
Forget the beef tongue, the Paris mushrooms or the tomato sauce that are usually cooked with the famous Madeira sauce, for a totally different experience. The fireworks might be less media-covered, but they'll definitely be on your palate!