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Eye candy + one-shots tasting! 03/10/2011

Follow the guide: first of all the shop's outside sign - a triangular logo washed-out and circled with a slice of the world's globe. Come in: in the small entrance hall, admire on the left wall the planisphere surmounted by a cloudy sky. Go up the steps and in the big room you'll see on the walls a beautiful and deep ochre patina finish, another sky, this time less cloudy, split up by a rusty trompe-l'oeil , and on your left Olivier's latest paintings, vintage 2011. A little higher up on your right you'll see his pictures made from wine labels -Olivier is a well-informed wine amateur! Right after the new paintings on your left, you'll find two new creations, two lightings made like old world maps (the lightings are Olivier's newest and most recent work). Continue the observation: our new counter and its trompe-l'oeil logo (again) made in the style of burnt wood, and behind it two mosaics, one from cardboard and another from wooded cases (...of wine of course!). After having admired the big picture of wine labels situated just above the "Belgian" quarter, lift up your gaze to check out the third sky, a nightly one this time, and notice the touch of Australian flag.

This Saturday a slide show with all of Olivier's lightings will be presented on the counter.

Speaking of the counter, a word on this Saturday's tasting: one-shots will be programmed. Two new wines from New-Zealand and South-Africa, excellent and ready to drink for only 6.90 € each! And three usual suspects, to discover or taste again: Whitecliff sauvignon blanc, Chukker 1 malbec and St Mary's cab.

A last word on our décor: another friend Philippe Cardoen has participated in the creation of our shop from the very beginning: he created the lighting in the window, the very large ceiling light and all the metal wine racks. As for all the second-hand junk, I am totally responsible!


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