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Magnums 22/05/2017

With a magnum on the table everybody catches that the party is about to begin. At Mig’s we stock magnums of Champagne, Cava and half a dozen of red wines.

For less than 20.00€, the Casa Carmela Monastrell Barrica (Yecla D.O.) will surprise you – one of our best deals in… More

Focus on Rioja 15/05/2017

Rioja is probably the best-known wine region in Spain. At Mig’s we always stock a nice selection of Riojas ranging from 11.50€ to 121.60€ a bottle:

Carlos Serres Rioja Reserva 2010              11.50€

Valenciso Rioja Reserva 2009                      21.50€

Beronia Rioja Gran reserva 2009               27.20€

La Rioja Alta Gran reserva 904 2007         42.60€

La Rioja… More

"Down Under" & Vermouth 09/05/2017

Down under

Discover two great new wines from Australia : the first is a classic "Aussie" shiraz, but the second is a rather off-beat italian varietal blend Dolcetto & Lagrein.

The two finely crafted wines are made by Ben Glaetzer, a great wine maker.


This… More

Armenian Wines & Brandy 02/05/2017

This Saturday, our supplier from Armenian Brandy & Wine will be hosting the tasting – free as usual, from 2pm to 6pm, no need to book, just pop in.

We’ll be pouring whites & reds of course but also something quite different and off-dry, typical from Armenia: pomegranate wine.

Another specialty is… More

Whisky Week @ Mig’s ! 24/04/2017

We still have a few seats available for our Laugh & Learn Bourbon & Rye tasting evening this coming Wednesday. No Jacks, no Roses (not even one, so let alone Four!), but a great selection of US whiskeys – Bourbon & Rye- will be tasted. To book, give us a… More

Lovely couples + cut-price corkscrews 18/04/2017

This Saturday will be our intern Philippe’s last day hosting our weekly tasting. After having gone to Matthys’ open door day he has selected his favorites: 3 white & red couples from 3 different estates from South Africa & Spain.

Our supplier of wine accessories is off-loading corkscrews! We have brought… More

Happy Easter! 10/04/2017

At Mig’s we like to take advantage of Easter to showcase our fortified wines. They just go so well with chocolate and that’s in big supply in our neighborhood! Leonidas, Neuhaus, Marcolini & Godiva as well as the famous Dandoy cookies are all available around here.

Check out our website for… More

More De Martino 04/04/2017

Last week, De Martino Pinot Noir shone on our weekly tasting. This Saturday, Philippe, our intern, will showcase more of these estates interesting wines. What is called a "horizontal" tasting. Pop in Saturday and check us out (Please stay vertical!)

Good news for customers enjoying quality Bordeaux red wines with a… More

Best of Matthys Wijnimport 28/03/2017

Philippe, our intern, is back. He was assigned a mission: participate in Matthys’ Spring tasting (over 120 wines!) and come back with his tasting notes. This Saturday we’ll taste a selection of his preferred light “spring” wines, 3 whites and 3 reds. Pop in and see if you agree with… More

Un nouveau trio libanais 21/03/2017

Lebanon is a very dynamic country. Despite its terrible (recent) history, it has all it needs to be a key player in its region and indeed the world. This is also true concerning its wine industry. Historic wineries are flourishing and new ones are cropping up on quite a scale.

This… More

Get ready for the Greek Islands! 14/03/2017

Spring has arrived, time to think of this summer! Get ready for the Greek Islands by tasting some of their local grape varieties. There’s so much more -and so much better- to Greek wine than the Retsina! Don’t miss out, drop in this Saturday!

See you! Cheers!



New wines from South Africa will be coming in this week. And you’ll all have the opportunity to taste some of them this Saturday. Including our famous Southern Right pinotage which didn’t make it on time last week! Our apologies for that.

So, don’t miss out on this chance to experience… More

New wines or new vintages 27/02/2017

Some of you will be happy to know that our Stagnari tannat from Uruguay & Southern Right pinotage from South Africa will be back in stock this Wednesday! And you’ll have a chance to taste these new vintages this Saturday. We’ll also throw in a new white wine from Northern… More

GOOD NEWS FROM THE USA + « 7 » 13/02/2017

Really? Good news from the USA?! Yes! It’s possible, at least regarding wines @ Mig’s. We’ve just received stock of 5 new Californian wines: 3 whites from our “usual suspects” – Bogle & Frog’s leap – and 2 top-end reds from our “new kid on the block” – The Red… More